Brand Development

Logo creation


Once you have a protectable name we can begin to develop a fantastic logo for your brand. Logos vary hugely, some have symbols, some just type, but as with most things, simplicity is best.


Often a strong contender will emerge at this early design stage, but usually it will require some development time to get it just right.


Here’s some inspiration and a good guide to the process:


Within the fee you will receive artwork in a number of formats for use on print or digital media.



Clothing the brand


Consistency is everything when it comes to brand identity.


You’re competing with all those other cool brands out there, albeit with the added advantage of being a truly ethical brand.


So consideration of the elements that 'clothe' your brand is so important. The typeface you choose, the colours, the imagery, even your tone of voice, all say something tangible about your brand.


It’s like walking into someone’s house and seeing the colours of the walls and the type of furniture they have. It gives you an instant sense of who lives in that house.


These elements, driven by your brand essence and values, all come together to create a consistent look and feel that helps appeal to your audience.


Note: Many fonts and images are not free! Typographers and photographers need to eat too! Therefore brand schemes designed by me might involve purchasing new fonts and images. Just ask if you need more info on this.





Creating a unique identity for your brand. This could include establishing your brand values and essence, logo design, and developing a consistent style for typefaces, colours, imagery and tone of voice.



Brand name creation


If you are starting from scratch then you will need a new name for your company or brand. People have huge emotional attachment to a name so it’s really crucial to get it right.


I can provide this service or you might already have a name you like. It is vital though that it is unique, protectable, doesn’t infringe on any existing registered name, and has a workable URL for your website.


Coming up with a name that covers all those criteria can be very time consuming. What’s more, it’s not always possible to know whether a brand name has already been taken and registered and is just not in use yet. Which could get you in hot water with whoever owns that name. In short, coming up with a great name can be as difficult as naming a child!



Values development


Part of building a brand is to define your brand’s values. Of course, an ethical approach will be your foundation stone, but the values that are built on top of this become the unique DNA in your voice and external communications.


Using a device called the brand onion helps to map out and plot a brand’s values. At the onion’s core is the brand’s essence – the ‘why’ we are doing this, distilled into its simplest, most single minded statement. The subsequent  layers help develop emotional and practical values, as well as how the audience perceives the brand – how it makes them feel.