Working together. Working better.

Working with TEBC means that you will be working in partnership with like minded professional people. People who believe that working ethically is the future.


Here you can discover some of these people to enable you to gain more knowledge and support others on your ethical business journey.






East Coast 88

All our clothing is Fair Wear Foundation Certified, meaning ABSOLUTELY NO sweatshops were used.


Ethic Collective

We have set up Ethic Collective in response to a growing desire for sustainable, ethical, and vegan product choices and lifestyles



Autism at Kingwood is a charity that helps people with autism and Asperger syndrome to live the lives they choose


Style Acre

Style Acre is a charity that enhances the lives of people with learning disabilities and autism


The Watford Treasury

Born through a passion and genuine love, The Watford Treasury is visual treat exploring the 136 year heritage of Watford Football Club


Urban Field

At Urban Field we grow Microgreens in our urban farm – a disused basement in Central Bristol. We use state-of-the-art vertical farming techniques to grow sustainable, local food






Park Lane Press

The waterless print process produces greater colour, increased image clarity and less impact on the environment


Print Syndicate vegan screen printing

At Print Syndicate we can print with both plastisol and water based inks – both of which do not contain animal derived ingredients



Beautiful, free photos. Gifted by the world’s most generous community of photographers.


I'm indebted to Steven Kamenar for the beautiful image of trees on this website and David Talley for the stunning birds-eye photo of a coastline.


Vegan printing

Vegan Print offers a competitive range of popular printed items, safe in the knowledge that they are printed ethically using vegetable inks, which are not tested on animals and paper stock from sustainable sources



Ethical Brand

We license genuine ethical brands to display the eb symbol on their websites, stationery, signage, advertising and products


Ethical Consumer

Ethical Consumer's primary goal is making global businesses more sustainable through consumer pressure


Lucy with a Why

Direct Marketing, Copywriting and Media Relations for Powerful-Purpose Businesses, Social Enterprises and Not-For-Profits


The Branding Journal

The Branding Journal is an independent online journal that publishes worldwide news, insights, and case studies about branding strategies


Vegan Womble

Vegan Womble is a brilliant community blog and directory for vegan-friendly services



Couchman Bespoke

Made to measure men's tailoring manufactured in Britain using sustainable cloth



Here at Kashka, we believe ethics and aesthetics go hand in hand. No child labour, no harm to the environment, no mass-produced wares, no unfairly paid miners and makers; just quality chic jewellery made by small family businesses and individuals who pride themselves on authenticity and integrity to the world around them



Awesome fitnesswear with ethics. Our ethos is called #100%NetProfit. We start with materials to #SaveOurOceans then use all the profit for business loans to empower women entrepreneurs around the world



Khadi is an ideal choice for green and ethical clothing. It embodies the spirit of India’s freedom and modernity


Where Does It Come From?

Where Does It Come From? is an award winning business that has created its own brand of gorgeous, ethical clothes and accessories that are fully traceable using a code we’ve printed on the label





Vegan patisserie. Chef and Baker, I was always a foodie passionate simply because I like people to feel happy when they eat my food. With nearly 10 years of experience in Paris and now UK, I’ve worked hard in many prestigious places but always stood up, learnt gluten-free baking when no one ever heard about it, and further on, learnt by myself about veganism


I Am Nut OK

Artisan plant based cheese


Silver Moon Food

Artisan hand made alternative to cheese



Storimarket is a new online marketplace where customers can buy directly from farmers in the developing world (cutting out the middlemen and maximising the money going directly to the farmer)


The Colombian Coffee Company

We source our coffee from small farms, and pay above market prices.  We also support social development projects in coffee-growing areas of Colombia, and invest in art and creative projects that aim to tell the stories of the communities behind our coffee


Vegan Flourish

Vegan Flourish: a particularly pretty vegan directory from the good people at Agogo Eats. From vegan breweries to fashion, influencers, festivals and restaurant guides. If you're looking for meat-free movers and shakers, their vegan directories are a great place to start



We are a catering company based in Berkshire, also covering neighbouring counties and London. Everything we make is 100% plant based meaning that vegetables really are the stars of the show!





Indigenous Beauty

Indigenous Beauty was created from a mission to find purer, natural alternatives to mainstream beauty products which work just as well, if not better.






Boho Homes

Boho Homes is a social enterprise that works with artisans and Fairtrade suppliers to bring incredible, qualitative ethical products for your home.