It's vitally important that we develop products and services that don't just leave more problems for future generations to sort out.

What inspires me


My name is Andy Barker. I've been a graphic designer for over 30 years.


I believe passionately that creative design is a catalyst for change. If you can just stop someone for a moment and make them feel something, you've made a difference. Good creativity and graphic design does this.


There are lots of reasons why people buy products or services, but the thing that excites me is good ideas, beautifully executed. It could be anything – a painting, or a paragraph, music, a film or a beautiful book. If it touches me emotionally, I feel that life is rich! So that’s what I try to do in my work – touch the senses, move people to feel good. Because if they feel good, they will feel good about that brand.

The single most important question any business or brand should ask itself is ‘Why are we here?’. See startwithwhy.com


There is little doubt that for ethical businesses the ‘why’ question transcends basic commercial ambitions because customers who value brands that are trying to behave more responsibly will gravitate towards them.


I discovered my why with the realisation that there is a better way for businesses to behave for the benefit of all and for future generations. My part to play is to use my experience and skills to help businesses that share common ethical values build a brand that can help them achieve their commercial goals.


My three drivers:


  • I want to help start-up and independent businesses with an ethical ethos succeed;

  • I want to help influence, develop and grow the concept of ethical business practices for the benefit of all;

  • I want to be part of a future where ethical businesses are the norm not the minority



My why


My why.