Transform your ethical brand!


My clients are all ethical people who care. They all want to make a difference in their field by developing in a way that has maximum impact on their audience, but minimal impact on the environment.


Even ethical brands need strong branding and ideas to get their message across. You could argue they need to work harder!


My aim is to bring my ideas and design skills to people who really want to embrace the idea of building an ethical business. My focus is to provide affordable branding and marketing support to independent and ethical businesses that want to build a brand with a good ethical story and an outstanding visual identity.




Established businesses with an ethical ethos


I'm currently working with some fantastic established ethical businesses and organisations. As your brand develops, you will face new challenges that affect how you communicate with your audience. I want to develop a long-term relationship with you so I can be part of your brand’s ethical journey.


If you already have an established brand, I can help you to promote or develop your ethical focus, working with a preferred ethical supplier partner network to complement your existing branding and marketing programmes.


There are many amazing ethical brands with great values that deserve to be more recognised, heard and to prosper.


My aim is for long-term relationships: I want to be part of your brand's ethical journey.

An ethical start-up

If you want to get on the right foot, there are lots of things to consider when starting a brand from scratch. TEBC can help you develop a strong platform on which to build your brand and support you as you grow. And it needn't cost the earth!


An established independent brand with strong ethical values

I have worked with many brands of many different sizes. If you have already established a foot hold in your marketplace work with TEBC to help you sustain and grow more.


A charity or not-for-profit

I recognise that charity's often have limited budgets which they need to maximise value from. Talk to me about my experiences; how to get the most out of your budget and ideas of how to raise funds.


A community group

If you have a community-based project that requires help with branding and design, or even social media marketing, please get in touch.

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